Facebook And SEO Harmony

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Facebook and SEO Harmony



I have been online since before 2000 making money in one shape or another. Up to 2009, I knew absolutely nothing about search engine optimisation or affiliate marketing.

I won’t lie to you, it took me a very long time before I even started to make any kind of money whatsoever.


When it started to come in, I was motivated and kept on pushing, although to be fair I wasn’t the most dedicated hard-working people out there. I spent more time buying shiny products and being easily distracted by other things, so you could say it was a very rough road from me.


Over the years, Google have made a number of updates to their algorithms which have all affected me and my websites. My income, confidence and ability all went out the window and I lost complete interest.

I became a full-time gardener.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually really enjoyed gardening. I had a full-time job and I gardened in the evening after work. I thoroughly enjoyed the extra money.  In fact I was able to match my jobs wages every single week just working part-time in the evenings doing gardening.

Still, inside I yearned for a passive income.

It’s a dream I have always wanted to chase.I’ve been chasing it most of my life. I have done various network marketing business opportunities, and a whole host of business opportunities online. There is something about the pull of a passive income that I cannot get away from.

I always get pulled back to the Internet.

Last year, I noticed how easy it was for my gardening business to attract new customers through Facebook.  There was nothing hard or difficult .and to be fair I thoroughly believed that that would be my future, and in some way it probably still will be as I enjoyed being outdoors and meeting people.

Still, there isn’t as much gardening to be done during winter.

This last year I began looking online to find people who were still making it. People who still made a full-time income using SEO.  I eventually found a website, niche pursuits, owned by Spencer Hawes. This reignited my interest and passion for all things Internet marketing.

Then, as if by magic, Mark Thompson released his reverse blogging system.  I have used both of these ideas and am now able to earn money once again.

My site is showing up on page 1 in Google for its main keyword phrase, and is also being found by around 300 other phrases at this particular moment.

Through the use of social media, Twitter and Facebook, I am generating more and more engagement and interaction with people who are interested in the topic of my website.

I no longer own multiple websites.  I only own the one niche website.although to be fair it is becoming an authority website now and I am loving it.

I still get frustrated when things don’t happen as quick or as often as I would like, but that is life and things are most definitely moving in the right direction.

I have produced a few hours worth of videos and a 5000 word report to show what I do.

I’ve called it Facebook And SEO Harmony.

For now you can purchase it for $17.  I will put the price up when I put it on Clickbank.

I’d love to know what you think, as it’s been a while since Ive produced a course/product.

If you order through the button below I will send you the download link.  It may not be an instant download, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

Keep pushing.




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1 thought on “Facebook And SEO Harmony”

  1. Shaun, I’m an IM dropout. Like you, I’ve been in IM for years, but unlike you, I never saw a decent income from it. I’m interested in taking another look at IM, and what you have to say is interesting. I have a question: Is your package the only purchase necessary, or would the two programs you describe above also be needed to use your method?

    What upsells to the above do you include? (I’m trying to get a realistic estimate of just how much trying your approach will cost me)


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