Excellent Small Business Ideas

By | November 26, 2012

Hi !  Are you looking for some truly excellent small business ideas to start?

Excellent Small Business Ideas

Where do you START??? All you want to do is get some success under your belt and it can be so frustrating!

So, there you have it…

You’re trying and trying and trying to start a business or get your existing business to work and it’s just NOT happening.  Your marketing sucks and you have just about given up!

You get frustrated, you get stressed and you eat some comfort junk-food.

All because you want to be a success in your own business.

Pretty crap isn’t it?

So I want to assist you and I want to get you off your butt and MOVING in the right direction.

Today YOU are going to take that “tiny teeny” small first step towards your own super duper business.

No matter where you are now or where you’ve been, change can happen and it is going to happen today for you.  Online or offline is irrelevant, let’s get you earning some cash with a starting time of right about now.

You just need to take that first small step, with my assistance of course.  It’s now that you will plan for success and get some additional income coming your way!  Marketing, and a good strategy is the first key step.

Here are some excellent small business ideas to get you bubbling and frothing with excitement.

Today you can start to feel alive again.

If you like what I’m showing below, then why not download my completely FREE business idea videos from http://businessideasforbeginners.org


 Idea #1:  Using Facebook marketing to bring in an ever growing business that gets bigger with time and can be monetized in a number of ways.

Set up a page or a group and discuss whatever niche or business or topic it is that you are interested in.  Keep adding content and find similar groups and pages.  Find those people who frequent those groups and then send them a private message asking them to come and check out your page.

Once there are plenty of people coming to the page or group and your content keeps getting added, you can occasionally mention related products in a soft-sell type approach and a number of those will go ahead and buy from you!  This is forward planning at it’s best 🙂 and offers lots of opportunities from positioning relevant ads (etc) in front of a targeted audience.


Idea #2:  Use Yahoo answers to brand yourself and drive traffic to your website or businesses.

Completely free.  This is a superb business idea.  Join Yahoo answers and answer peoples questions within your field of interest.  You can leave a url in your resource section for answers.  Only leave a url 1 in 3 or 4 answers you answer.  Answer 20 a day until your points go over 1000.  At this stage the links become “active” links and will help drive traffic.  Ensure your answer gets chosen as the best answer as much as possible by creating great replies.  You can drive traffic to your product(s) or services nice and slowly.


There you have it.  Two excellent small business ideas you can start TODAY that are free to help better your financial circumstances.  If any of the above 2 suggestions are of interest then you really should get hold of my free business idea videos as I go into considerable depth to ensure you are able to do this.  You will begin seeing results within a few weeks.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this.  Planning what you want to do in your own business is one thing, setting it up and offering the right services or products is another.  One thing is for sure though – you’ve literally got to start and just get going with it all.  Learning how to market your business will come with my tips I post here on my blog 🙂




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