End Of Month WordPress Goldmine Internet Marketing Progress Report For September 2010

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Hi again.

Things are up, most certainly up.  It seems everyone around me at WordPress Goldmine is seeing success each and every month.

Basically this month has seen an increase in activity, but more and more I am noticing what I am NOT doing (and not enough of) – ie backlinking consistently, soI know there is room for much improvement.

How do I know this?  Well a friend of mine called Heather has been using an outsourcer to write 1 piece of unique content a day, post it to her site, and post a backlink on a certain couple of sites (gonna do an in-depth review soon, becaue these sites are working out great).

Before the outsourcer that site was doing$20 a month, month 1 was $40, month 2 was $80 and now she hit $300.  The outsourcer is now paying for herself.  once the outsourcer is doubling the profit, Heather intends to add another outsourcer – now isnt that a model for success?

Small baby steps each and every day with a concerted focused effort.

Ok, well guess I better post my own figures.

Adsense – last month £26 GBP ($41 USD) – this month £47.20 GBP ($74.28 USD)

Amazon – last month £3.59 GBP ($5.66 USD) – this month £10.35 ($16.30 USD)

Clickbank – last month £25.08 GBP ( $39.50 USD) – this month £19.40 ($30.55 USD)

Total £54.67 GBP last month

This month £76.95 GBP

Other Income: $480 USD (£303 GBP).

So thankfully I’ve not veered “off course” and am still putting one foot in front of the other on the right path, and not walking off the path into the desert!

Now I want to find my running shoes and put them on tightly so I can start going a bit quicker.

There are still runing costs and all my running costs (based on me just starting some exciting software(but expensive) is comign in at £235.94 in running costs each month.

So total profit: £76.95+£303 = £379.95

Less business running costs of £235.94 = £144.01

£144.01 clear profit for the month of September.  Keep on pushing.. links and content…


I had some sites built, and Ive also joined 3 services in September that are great for backlinks – so this month I intend to do a lot more “pushing” of additional phrase “per site” – instead of continuously starting new sites.

After all each phrase/page is looked upon as a new site in itself in the eyes of Google, well according to popular belief anyway – guess this is why some pages can outrank other sites on their own.

Plans for october 2010 – I need to ensure I do my “writing” services to “pay the bills” – this has to come first, especially as my wife got made redundant also, we now need an insanely stupid amount of money each month just to get by so that must come first.  Whatever time is left is going to be spent wisely.

I now own around 50 domains.  I printed out a list of them last week, stapled the list together and identified all my sites Id had which were over 6-8 months and classed them as hard sites, and all the newer ones I classed as soft sites.

The hard sites are due a good push from one of the new backlinking sites I am testing (good results starting to come through by the way – will try to do a report soon), while the softer sites will have smaller backlinks posted to them, ie 10 a week per main site.

On top of this I want to get into pushing the sites through with consistent solid daily action.  Not easy to contend with when youve got 50 but I will devise a plan.

It’s funny, because a few years ago I created a site around a tyre sealant with over 50 pages – and it shot to number 1 in Google and stayed there for over a year while I was an “area rep” for that company (more like a doormat for them..) – so the old adage of more content seems to hold true.

Over and out!

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1 thought on “End Of Month WordPress Goldmine Internet Marketing Progress Report For September 2010”

  1. Hmm afterthought…

    Current state, each phrase delivers around £1 a month.

    So if I add 30 phrases to a site – that may deliver £30 a month.
    10 sites a day wwith 1 phrase a ay may just bring £300/month.
    3 months=£900/month
    6 months=£1800/month
    12 months=£3600

    certainly seems “reasonable” in terms of numbers – not too wild or optimistic

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