Effort breeds success

By | August 10, 2010

It’s been banged into my head now for months that more and more effort will produce more and more results – as long as that effort is focused on things that work.

Well I have spent a couple of days creating huge amounts of backlinks using Unique Article Wizard – something I have owned for nearly a year now.

These 2 days resulted me me creating backlinks to almost 20 domains, each one releasing around 10 article submissions a day to each site until around 700-900 articles are distributed per site – nice and steady.

Well I finally got an Amazon sale because of this, from a site that had never achieved a sale in over 8 months of it’s existence.  Then the same day I got 2 nice adsense clicks for almost $3 from one site that had never had a click ever, in 6 months.

Weird how effort provides rewards.

Site building is now easy for me.  I know the routine, I know which plugins and I understand the on-site SEO.

It’s amazing to think last October I knew nothing about SEO really, so thankfully because of WordPress Goldmine I am learning something.

Everyone has their own journey, some do very well very quickly(or at least it seems this way – probably I get to hear of them at the time they are on the fastest-growing part of their earnings career), some do slow and many many quit.

It’s quite sad that there was a very nice man online who has vanished from our forum – I hope he comes back.

Anyway, I am also outsourcing site building – yes, I am using a man who has done me a deal and is making sites for me based on autoblogging – something I hadn’t ventured into, and all of this has prompted me to push hard on my existing domains.

So, I will say, as I always say – dont give up!

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