Earnings update final January 2016

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Well, might as well make myself fully accountable and list the earnings for this month… sure…Ive been doing a few teenmy things here and there for years, so Ill include what Ive got…


Adsense earnings £19

Ebay partner network earnings £30

Affiliate window earnings £8

Amazon earnings £10 (got a £68 payout this month from 2 months back of working)

I’ll also list other stuff but wont include in the figures as its not “i.m.”

Fiverr earnings (writing) £250 – I do writing.. just to pay bills but it’s not where my heart is!

IM earnings – £68 (woot!)



Aweber – £10

Hosting – £6

Total outgoings £16


Total profit = £52

Where I’m heading now..

Ive spent the past few weeks pushing harder adding content to a website of mine and keeping the associated facebook group members happy with content.  This is one of those “in it for the long haul” approaches.. and I for one need to adopt this strategy in my overall game plan…

I jump around far too much..  I have a gardening round and do a bit of lawn care.. and its GREAT money.. in the summer.. awful in the winter..

A number of friends of mine who I PERSONALLY know  are all doing well now because they stuck at stuff…   “Paul N”  has a number of products under his belts, membership sites etc and has now been “full time online” since 2013… we started out in a similar time frame together…  I got a job…

“Mike T” – now earning $50,000+ a MONTH!   kept on doing stuff online….

“Mark T” – a legend making crazy money living an amazing life..

“George” – a real gent, great friend  succeeding with a full time online income from a few methods.

“Keith” – another superb friend living the life and making money online…

I need to stick at stuff and do it..

I STILL have several ideas running round in my head.. Ive always been the same.. finger in a few pies at the same time..   I find it hard to choose one and run with it..

On my plate Im looking at:

building up my list(s)..  I feel strongly about this….

keep adding content to my site and trying to monetise the business better… – at the moment if I work for 2-3 hours I can usually achieve around £3 to £10 per day.. but it doesnt earn if I dont put in the work..  Its hard to be motivated for so little return so I need to increase the numbers…

possible avenues…

reviewing IM products…

work on my book writing business

risk free betting (already a member)

do another niche website…


I am starting an internship for a well known marketer making mega bucks, so feel the time working for him should open my eyes and doors..  I will have to write 20 indepth articles for free over the next 8 weeks… partly Id rather not as Id rather focus on my own stuff but the payoff will hopefully help me..

I’ll write another income report for February and any updates before then!


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