Earnings Progress Report – March 2011

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Well, it’s that time again to put “pen to paper” and show how my Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank (etc). earnings have been progressing, so without further adieu, let’s get this party started.

I had this wild desire to hit $1500 this month – would ahve been nice, but then I essentially got dragged away from the PC for almost the whole month, so this has had an effect. Plus, last month I got a whopping $400 earnings commission for one person’s purchase via Amazon, which was a one-off. Last month was $1100, so really the relistic earnings was around $700. Let’s see how things have gone..

Adsense Income: £182.64 ($292.38 USD Equivalent) – (February was £160.37 ($256.73 USD Equivalent))

Clickbank earnings: £75.81 ($121.34 USD Equivalent) – (February was £58.55 ($93.71 USD Equivalent))

Amazon earnings:  £41.32 ($66.12 USD Equivalent) – (February was £265.69 ($425.11 USD Equivalent))

WPGM Affiliate Earnings: – £25.27 ($40.46 USD Equivalent) – (February was £12.79 ($20.48 USD Equivalent))

Other Affiliate Earnings: £187.42 ($300 USD Equivalent) – February was £174.94 ($280 USD Equivalent))


Total March earnings £512.46 ($819.75 USD Equivalent) – February AVERAGE earnings was (i.e. without the one off $400 commission) £422.34 (or $675.61 USD Equivalent)

That’s a £90.12 INCREASE over the previous month ($144.13 USD Equivalent).

How many jobs let you increase your monthly wage each month?  Oh, and how many jobs would say “Don’t bother coming in to work this month, and you can have a pay increase too“…

Isn’t it time you got into internet marketing?

Join me, get focused and create a membership at WordPress Goldmine.  It costs just under $20 a month – I’ll let you figure out if it is worth it or not.

(There is a low cost trial anyway)






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5 thoughts on “Earnings Progress Report – March 2011”

  1. I saw that a while ago but never really used it. I tried out SEnuke for a while, but the price tag is pretty high if you don’t know exactly what you are doing with it.

  2. Yeah,. I kind a think you’ll know when you need to use something. SENuke was buggy.. I do know theyve got something new coming, but I’ll pass on it…

    I was fortunate to get a good ranking from promoting serpassist, just need to keep my eyes on things in case the rankings drop.

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