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By | November 11, 2012

Having been online trying business ideas, I thought that if my sites were automatically showing up in Google then the spiders from other search engines would trawl Google’s listings to fetch sites to their own listings – maybe I’m right or wrong, but one thing is I should have at least “checked” to see… shouldn’t I.. ?

I was just checking out a forum thread over at WordPress Goldmine (see my review of WPGM here) and some kind folks were talking how their sites had been decimated by the antics of Mr “G” but had been receiving considerable traffic from the friendly guys at Mr “B” – or should I say “Mrs” ???

Joking aside though, I’m happy I’ve checked mine.  One of the sites is indeed listed in both Bing and Google – It’s recently vanished to page “god knows where” in Google, but when checked,  ranks very nicely over in Bing, so that’s nice.

Kind of feels though like it’s nuts to just be at the mercy of one company, aka Google, and even “Bing” for that reason, hence the need to diversify traffic sources and income models.

Anyway, go ahead and type your web address at and see if it’s listed – if not, visit Bing webmaster tools, sign up and get those sites added!

You’ll need to verify your sites by either adding a CNAME entry to the DNS (never done this) or by adding a line of code to the header section (I simply used a wordpress plugin to achieve this called “bing site verification” – you can search for it via WordPress plugins, if you need to.  Its not got any ratings but it’s done the job perfectly for me though.

Anyway, Onwards and upwards as they say.

Still pushing on the listbuilding via my “Business Ideas For Beginners” website.


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