Curiosity didnt kill the cat

By | September 19, 2010

Curiosity advanced my career in Internet marketing.

I am pleased with progress so far – of course if it were 50 times this amount I could sit on my backside 7 days a week and drink beer, lol.  Not that I would do that for 7 days 😉 maybe 2..

Since having 20 sites built for me I now see adsense income of around $2 almost every day.  prior to this it was 50 cents here and there with many days of no income from adsense.

My decision to outsource some sites has paid off – and now I can build links to those sites.  When they were built I over promoted them a little bit too much by setting up some links via UAW for each site.  In the first week the sites kicked off, hit as much as $12 in one ay then tanked due to the over promotion.  Softly softly huh!  When will I EVER learn…  I need to learn to tame my greed.

For me the desire to hit a magical £100 a day is overpowering and is now my driving goal.  This amount pays bills for my wife Julie and I and buys time, time that means life begins.

Passive income is magical.  To me, I get a sense of excitement much like when you see a shooting star overhead – something special.

Folks, don’t give up on your dreams – dont get dscouraged when others around you begin to forge ahead with increasing income.  They simply know more than you and are applying techniques you are not.

I have been following the progress of two expensive memberships the past few weeks to see how things have faired, and two fellow friends are having some very exciting results i.e. they are hitting the number 1 slot on page 1 – so I have signed up myself and will report in with an update in the next few weeks.

Anyway, thats this mini update – apart from Ive finally hitten the next level up in amazon – I am now on the 6% referral rate  – a first for me – so everythign I am doign is most certainly going the right way – the pace may not be turbo charged but the wheels are turning.


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