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Progress of my success

What I’m going to be doing in 2016

TweetI’ve done allsorts all my life flitting from thing to thing.  The one thing I felt so alive with was internet marketing.  It was my thing, my crowd, my kind of people.  Then some Google updates happened and that crowd grew apart as their sites got affected.  I drifted off into a job, a spare… Read More »

2016 – fresh start

TweetHi guys n gals.  2016 – fresh start that’s the title of this post.   Ive held this blog dear for many years and tried all sorts.  One thing rings out in that “shiny object” syndrome has hit me numerous times.  I also let this blog slip for over a year, getting de-indexed…  well..  Ive… Read More »

Dont assume you are, if you aren’t !

TweetHaving been online trying business ideas, I thought that if my sites were automatically showing up in Google then the spiders from other search engines would trawl Google’s listings to fetch sites to their own listings – maybe I’m right or wrong, but one thing is I should have at least “checked” to see… shouldn’t… Read More »

Adsense earnings update August 2011

TweetAdsense earnings update for August 2011. I just thought I’d like to say that already we’ve gone past last months earnings for Adsense,  Weirdly, the amazon and clickbank have dropped the past 3 months, probbaly due to Panda, but since that day I’ve been revisiting my sites and improving their on-page seo, and trying to… Read More »

Earnings Progress Report – March 2011

TweetWell, it’s that time again to put “pen to paper” and show how my Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank (etc). earnings have been progressing, so without further adieu, let’s get this party started. I had this wild desire to hit $1500 this month – would ahve been nice, but then I essentially got dragged away from the… Read More »

Adsense, Clickbank And Amazon Progress Report For January 2011

TweetOk, so I have to say I am VERY happy with the great start to 2011. Every single month the past 5 months has been a growth, so I am on the right path FINALLY! My Adsense earnings rose from my previous best month (November) November was £149.73 – January was £163.29 – yay ($262.38)!… Read More »

WordPress Goldmine Earnings progress report – halfway through the month of January 2011

A midway progress report for January of my online earnings through internet marketing in 2011 – I combine hard work with a passion to learn about developing content that people appreciate. As long as my sites provide value, I am happy.