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Ideas for new businesses can be hard to think of, but not when these free videos will help conjure up some imagination!

Isn’t it time your business was a success?  Fed up of not being a super-success?

In case you were wondering where I’d been and what I’ve been up to, I’ll spill the beans and provide an update and also to fill you in on my latest project called Business Ideas For Beginners.

It’s a site that provides FREE help and FREE advice and FREE business ideas (did I mention it was free??).  I’ve been wanting to do this for some time and so recently decided to venture along and get this created.

The site is simply currently offering free videos, reports and tips that inspire you to set up your own business and succeed with it.  There will be ongoing business ideas presented to you via video and reports that showcase possible businesses you could set up in order to make a success “for you”.

Some ideas will be familiar and some will be little known ideas which have a lot of potential so be sure to come on over and keep up to date.  Every now and then I’ll send over a video and provide ways that you can make that business idea work for you.

I really truly think you’ll be pleasantly surprised so why not pop on by and take a look.

Over a year ago I had a growing internet business that was closing in on earning me four figures a month.  Then a number of things went wrong like a failed marriage (and the subsequent difficult months), a new relationship, financial issues arising from the failed marriage and issues with seeing my children.

To top all this off, life then bowled me over again courtesy of Google and wiped out 90% of my earnings.

So I sulked for a few months and then came round again trying kindle.  Although I liked it, I never stuck at it and that income dried up too.

Then I saw a course by Paul Nicholls on list building and it rekindled my interest in list building.  I’d toyed with list building about 6 years ago and developed a list of 2500 subscribers who I “inadvertently” treated poorly once I learned I could make money from the list – they soon got fed up with me promoting products, but that as they say, was then and this is now and a number of lessons have been learned.

The main one is that a list is nothing to do with list building, it’s everything to do with building genuine relationships with your “friends”.

Think on that because it is key.

Anyway, I am combining the concept of list building with my love of helping others, and so the website was formed.  If you like it then please tell your friends about it if you feel there is value within it 🙂

So, what have YOU been doing since Google’s movements these past few months?


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