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By | April 9, 2010

Last night I watched an episode of How the other half live.

It’s a show where some rich family sponsors a poor family who deserve breaks in life.  It’s just another way to be charitable but with a more direct approach.

Last night featured David Abingdon was the rich man, along with his family.  He sponsored a woman called Cal and her 8 year old daughter Iris.

Cal has been a traveller all her life, never having a permanent address until her daughter was born.  She wanted to do all she could so she went and did a masters degree in law which she passed, but because of her background she found it impossible to do her “pupillage” with an already established barrister.  This is essentially a 1 year understudy before she could do it for herself.

Anyway, that was that program.

I was inspired by the kindness and generosity of David Abingdon and family that I looked him up online and saw he has written a book, which I have now gone and ordered:

out of the box marketing david abingdon

out of the box marketing david abingdon

If ever there is a book you should buy this one would be in, in my opinion anyway.

David Abingdon grew up in a terraced home in Birmingham, uk and made his career helping businesses become “mega” successful.

He actually helped 3 businesses go from zero to incredible multi million success storiesd within just 12 months.

One time is a fluke, 2 is lucky, but three is a real success.

David talks a lot about the tall poppy syndrome.  Something I am personally familiar with.  It’s when people try to cut you down through resentment because you are aiming for your dreams.  Its actually listed in wikipedia.. so its a real concept.

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