Automate Social Bookmarking My Results Using Socialadr

By | May 18, 2010

This week I took up a lazy account at Socialadr to promote my websites.
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I was a little bit skeptical at first because of the monthly cost.

Although there is a free account, I chose the paid lazy account to put my bookmarking “efforts” on an automated schedule.

Within 4 days I have now had 326 bookmarks done of my sites, by other people, all automated, all hands off.  Now of course this is all very well and good, but it doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t translate into results.

Well encouragingly, it’s now driving traffic to sites that had not had any traffic for a few weeks, so that’s nice 🙂

automate social bookmarking

automate social bookmarking

Please click the thumbnail if you wsih to view the image.

As you can see from the image above, having done nothing else but use socialadr to bookmark those quiet sites they are now seeing traffic.


We all know it’s important to bookmark your websites when you create them, but the benefit of having other people bookmark your website far outweighs the cost of a monthly membership.  yes you can ahve a free membership where you ahve to bookmark others to have yours bookmarked, but I am lazy 🙂

This is good for seo, and social bookmarking is a key part to any internet marketers arsenal of tools.  Get yours. Socialadr to help you automate your social bookmarking and grow your business.

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5 thoughts on “Automate Social Bookmarking My Results Using Socialadr

  1. khaled

    Excellent, this has actually been on my mind all day because I really want to get down and write more articles and promote them.

  2. Shaun Post author

    Yeah its a good system and takes away the hassles of having to do it for yourself.

  3. Jaroslawa

    I am using socialadr since some time now after a friend recommended it to me and I have to say that I am quite happy with its results. Really fire and forget.

  4. Shaun Post author

    I can totally hands down say that after all this time using socialadr, it really is superb as part of an overall balanced backlink strategy. For the automation, and for the fcat that you can get backlinks from just less than 30 minutes work, all by other people its a great system.

    Don’t rely on it 100% as on its own its kind of cheating Google which at the end of the day helps nobody. You still need a quality site, good on page seo and a good off page seo strategy.

    I definitely recommend socialadr as a “key to the overall solution”.

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