Another update on my internet marketing journey

By | December 21, 2011

Ok, it is almost christmas and things have progressed in my life, both for internet marketing and my personal life too.

I am now focused entirely on one site (my biggest earner) and am trying to get it’s earnings back up to what they were doing a few months ago.  From there I will be able to start outsourcing again and growing things far quicker.

The earnings havent yet risen, but this is where blind faith has to be taken into account.  I know this stuff works and so I simply carry on doing what I am meant to be doing because I know it will start to yield results soon.  This was my problem in the past, faith, and not having enough to keep at it, consistently.

Its a funny old game 🙂  If you’ve not yet bitten the bullet, I heartily recommend a look at wordpress goldmine.  Been there since October 2009.

Hope you have a great christmas.

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One thought on “Another update on my internet marketing journey

  1. Mike From Maine


    I think it’s time for a new blob post…even if things aren’t going great. I’d love to see what you’re up to and how your income is going.

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