Amazon Affiliate Earnings Update October 2017

By | October 1, 2017

I realized it’s been a few months since my last update, so wanted to provide a breakdown of how things have panned out since my last Amazon earnings update.

Each day I seem to learn and discover something new which opens my eyes to the possibilities.

So how has the site been doing?

Well my “authority site” in the making has increased in earnings and for the last 3 months has fluctuated between £750 and £1100 for a single month.

I’m more than happy with that, and my eyes are now firmly fixed on my next goal of getting the site to £2000 per month.

I wanted to achieve this by around October, so that the earnings would come into my bank 2 months later around Christmas but Ive not hit the goal.  This was to enable me to cover the drop in earnings over Winter that comes with the gardening.

I run a very successful gardening and lawn care business but it’s incredibly time intensive and affects how much I can do on my own site.

For a long time Ive written my own content for my site but with the time issues it takes me a month maybe 5 weeks sometimes to write 1 x 5000 word post (really well I must add) and I dont feel it’s good enough for Google to take the site so seriously.

Anyway so Ive been trying two writers.  One is doing her first article as we speak so can’t comment yet on how that will pan out but the other guy writes beautiful, although I am paying a hefty price for it.

I remember 8 years ago I had 30 articles a month written (back when 500 word articles of reasonable quality was enough to get ranked) and the income quadrupled in 2 months, but nowadays, search engines are smart and we have to go way out of our way to produice the absolute best we can for the user.  That’s fine with me by the way.

So let’s look at how the site has done..

amazon affiliate earnings october 2017 traffic 1

As you can see traffic has not exactly spiked in the last 3 months due to very little new content but it has remained fairly steady although has now started dropping which I suspect is due to not posting often enough, or it is because of competitors coming into the same markets I am in.


Either way I need to publish more, update older content more (and thoroughly) and seek out linking opportunities…

Let’s look at the earnings for the last 3 months…

amazon affiliate earnings october 2017 earnings


So, moving forward I plan to publish at least 1 post per week from now on.  This will be from both my own efforts and the writers I hire.

How are your efforts going?

So, what tools have I been using?

Well Ive been trialling a few tools, but I am falling in love with one particular rank tracker tool.

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As well as keyword research they’ve just added new features such as keyword tracking, rank tracking youtube research and link analysis. review


You enter a main keyword and it brings up hundreds of related keywords and you can assess the competitiveness of each one.  The more Green there is, the easier it is to rank for that search term.  yay!

Imagine if you wrote 1 article a day that gained you an extra “measly” 10 search queries per day that would soo amount to nearly 4000 hits a day after 12 months.

That’s all for me for now.

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