Amazon affiliate earnings update November 2017

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So, another month has passed and earnings continue to come in.  This month has been interesting and eventful.  Le me explain.

What’s been happening?

At the start of the month I had felt a bit disheartened.  Not that the fact I am still earning good money but because I hadn’t seen any noticeable increases for about 4 months.  In fact it’s dipped at times.

I had spent time trying to investigate reasons why…

I looked at:

Not posting enough content (been a number of weeks).

Not working to try and attract links by making link-worthy content.

I looked at the current links to my site and did see a number of new domains linking.

Spam links

I was getting  a few dozen links from low quality websites.. basically negative seo.

Do I engage the “enemy” and work to get those links removed or disavowed by the Google disavow tool, or do I just ignore them and continue to work on the website.

Well.. I’ve not taken any action so far to remove them.

I’ve since worked to get content that people will link to.  I’ve also managed to get a few links from “.edu” websites from a scholarship programme I am offering (yes, a real one at that).

I’ve read at least 6 or 7 of the top 10 results relating to the Google disavow tool and it seems it can take many many months and even then there is no guarantee the links will be disavowed.  That’s just how I’ve read it.  I really hope I am wrong.

So instead of working on ignoring the spammy links, I’m hoping Google understands the nature of a spam link and when they link to my site.

Instead I have “for now” focused on acquiring high quality links and ensuring my content is up to date, relevant and on topic.

.Edu links

I’ve been working to get .edu links to a page on my site that offers a scholarship.  It’s the 2nd time I have done this.  Since contacting a few hundred educational establishments I have seen in the past 2 weeks a VERY good increase of traffic (it’s more than doubled) and this has pushed the earnings up too.

If you didn’t know, .edu and .gov websites are very trusted by Google so if you can get a link from one of these sites it can help your rankings in Google.


Now we are in the final few weeks before Christmas (here in the Uk), and along withe Black Friday and Cyber Monday I have seen a healthy increase in the earnings.  Of course, in my heart I secretly want it to keep going up and up (who wouldn’t!)

It will be interesting to see if earnings remain strong after Christmas, thanks to the recent new links.

So, I am writing this on the 27th November 2017 so far I have surpassed last months earnings (just under the £800 mark for the month so far), but there are almost 40 items that haven’t been dispatched by Amazon yet, so the earnings from those haven’t yet been added.  I am looking forward to seeing how much this equates to.

Will be nice to clear £1000 for November.

For the next few weeks I am going to continue to push my scholarship offer to educational places and see how much further the graph can climb upwards… Below are a few screenshots.

Keep on pushing your site.

amazon affiliate earnings nov 2017

amazon affiliate earnings nov 2017 traffic stats

Seeing above you can see how things have turned upwards the past few weeks.

Is that from xmas or the link strategy..

Let me know below how you are getting on.


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