Adsense earnings update August 2011

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Adsense earnings update for August 2011.

I just thought I’d like to say that already we’ve gone past last months earnings for Adsense,  Weirdly, the amazon and clickbank have dropped the past 3 months, probbaly due to Panda, but since that day I’ve been revisiting my sites and improving their on-page seo, and trying to turn them into real, honest and legitimate pieces of content.  Yes, I always attempt to edit all my content so it gains a good ranking, and I try to work on suitable keyword phrases, but the goal is always to provide good content.

I’ve not been wanting to showcase my actual earnings in recent months as I’ve been weighing up the ramifications of letting every man and his dog know what I earn.  I’m not so sure it’s always a good idea, not publicly anyway.  I have no problems in doing so privately, through the newsletter (you can sing up via the form in the left hand menu for free).

What I will say is that in the past 4 months I topped out at $1100 in a single month, with a strong mixture of promoting other products, software, and also the usual adsense, amazon and clickbank.

Ive been recently focusing heavily on adsense.  My best ever adsense was around £280 GBP, but I am happy to say this month surpassed that yesterday.  It’s kind of addictive, so I am pushing this more and more.  Im already £50 over that, so a new target has been hit, the £300 mark and also over £20 in a single day from adsense alone.

The key to the growth is through recent understandings since panda in May and onwards.

* Good quality content

* Good on-page seo

* LONG content length (2100 words minimum per post)

* Social backlinks

* Regular updated content – sites that sit stale for months will succumb eventually in my opinion.


Right now I am revisiting my top 25 sites (slowly) and slowly going through all the posts, normally 1 a day.  I expand the content to over 2100 words, make sure it is good quality content, and get the on-page seo right.  Quality is everything and if I cant make it useful to the visitors I wont write it.


By the way, I wrote an article on this site relating to a competition Mark has going in the WordPress Goldmine forum, to see who can rank for the phrase “fitness bootcamp” on page 1 by the end of October 2011.  Im goign against the grain, and have only done the on-page seo, and am not doing any backlinking or promotion to it at all, just to give a comparision, and see where things are on that date.  Chances are I’ll miss out because Ive not done any social backlinking but it may serve as useful somehow.


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4 thoughts on “Adsense earnings update August 2011”

  1. Hi Shaun,
    Your example should serve as a very, very valuable “control” to see exactly where a site would rank in the SERPs with only cross-linking between posts.

    I found your ShaunBaird . com site while Binging our competition keywords.
    You are ranking about 55 or so. I was surprised. I’m thinking this is a strong indication that cross-linked posts are among the most important issues to address. AND they are not the only issue which needs to be acted upon.

    Very nicely done, the control concept!
    All the best,
    Mary K from WGM

  2. Hi Mary, yeah I thought I’d simply write a post and do nothing more and see what happens. Good to see you here 🙂 To be honest I wasn’t expecting anything, seeing as how many people are chasing it, but who knows 🙂

  3. Shaun, good to hear that you are going back and redoing old sites.

    The temptation is always there, especially for me, to start new sites instead and neglect old, potentially good money makers that have been sitting there for years.

    All the best.

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