50 or 5000?

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It’s kind of a logical thought process that we all end up going through at one point or another.

What would you “personally” prefer to handle yourself, 50 websites or 5000 websites?

When you’ve got 50 websites you can tend to one or 2 almost every day.  Add a new post to them and create a couple of new backlinks.

When you’ve got 5000 websites it’s impossible to do by yourself.  It can be done with help from outsourcers, and when you’ve got a very solid infrastructure you can make as much money as you wish.  The concept would be scaleable and all you need to do is ramp things up.  Simple.

However for a very large number of people they may not even be able to think that far ahead.

So, maybe 50 websites suddenly becomes more appealing.

However if you’re only hitting 30 cents a day per site this isn’t quite so exciting – $15 a day…

I’m going to ask you one simple question and the answer needs to be understood as a two part answer..

PART 1: Is your domain in the top 3 in Google (or at least on page 1)?

PART 2: How many “indexed” backlinks point to your site?

If you have a group of sites, say 5 sites, and all you get is 30 cents a day from all five then you can either create hundreds of new sites or think differently.

Positions 1,2 and 3 get a significant boost in traffic levels via the search engines so you need to be there.

You also need to work out how many backlinks you’ll need to get there, and how many maintenance backlinks to create to keep you there.

That, my dearest friends, is the answer.

More backlinks(articles) gives more direct traffic and moves your site higher in the organic search engine results.

So.. do both…

Spend a full week, 40 hours creating backlinks and backlinks to just one site…  create backlinks to inner pages as much as the main domain.

Each site can yield as much as £1  a day just in adsense ($1.52).

This could get you to $70 a day, or $490 a week… passive income within 1 year.

50 weeks.. one a week = $76 a day.

2 years you could hit 100 sites, still managing them yourself, and pulling in $152 a day.

Imagine now if you paid someone part time to take over then maintenance of article writing and backlink creation for $70 a day.

You are now getting a “hands free” utterly passive, ever-growing income.

Yes you may be giving away 50% of the money but you are gaining most of your personal time freedom back…. and still getting paid… for “nothing”… ahem…

In 5 years time, if you do the ame thing over this could mean an income of $350 a day for YOU… passively… witha team of people growing your websites for you.


would you rather go to a job for 5 years or grow your websites for 5 years and go to the beach?

I do think 5000 websites is better than 50… but I also think you have to get to 50 yourself… first.

Learn it.. immerse yourself in it, go for it.

Don’t forget that this is just based on adsense.  You can make a lot more if you sell products (liek on Amazon or clickbank) and boost those numbers by a factor of 3, 5 and 10 or more.

If you want to do the same as me, join wordpress goldmine on a $1 trial – and send me a PM (my id is: shaunbaird).

I’ll happily answer any questions you’ve got, although the forum itself is far too good at doing this…



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  1. As a quick update to this post, I wanted to also add that as well as creating backlinks to your site, you also need to create backlinks to the backlinks.

    If you want every last detail, join wpgm on the $1 trial and see for yourself through the link above. Then you can get all the details you need, which sites to use for promotion and how to do this crazy thing called internet marketing.


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