2011 Internet Marketing Meeting

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Due to a number of circumstances, I am afraid to say that the 2011 meetup will not be taking place.  All refunds have been processed, and I hope we can do this again in 2012.


Please Note:

The offer below is open only for our friends and colleagues over at WordPress Goldmine.  If you would like to attend the training being held, please invest in a membership.  We pride ourselves on our great “family” like vibe – why not get involved!

(We are now taking bookings!)

Would You Like To Attend An Internet Marketing Training Event In The Uk In 2011?


Last year I organized a training event where around 25 people attended a private meeting with like minded people.  The meeting was held right in the heart of the Uk, close to East Midlands Airport (around junction 23 of the M1).

It was such a success that we have decided to do it again!

You can see from the image below how many people came:

The 2010 Uk IM meetup

I am pleased to announce that we will be holding the event again this year at the Thistle Hotel, East Midlands Airport on July 14th and 15th.

Ok, so why should you come?

Well, we have secured the talent of no less than Mr Mark Thompson, a full time internet marketer for more than 5 years who also hosted the entire event last year.

We are also negotiating with a few others and hope we can bring 2 more people who will each give a training session to spice things up even more.

Specifically, this year there is going to be a focus on:

Workshop/group type sessions. We understand the value in personalized training, and this is going to be as close as we can offer to getting 1-on-1 training.  It’s the next best thing.

The aim of the event is:

  1. To make sure that you can walk out, build your own sites and make money from them.  The majority of people struggle through these early steps and so these training sessions will help get you through.
  2. To teach additional advanced techniques
  3. To provide common ground for people to get together and talk all about “making money online legitimately” through hard work and no bull..

Why should you come?

Well, the stuff Mark teaches you actually does work. I’ve been promoting it exclusively on this blog for over 15 months and I am an active paid member who is in there every single day.  I knew ZERO about IM when I started, but now I’m closing in on $1000 a month, passively…  I’d say it works.

George uses what he has learned and is now doing mid 4-figures a month – he will hit 5 figures this year I am sure.

Heather went from zero to full time despite a massive fear of anything technical.

Paul in the forum hit over $2000 per month in a short period of time.

Briyan in the forum went from zero to $100 a day in just 16 weeks.

The community in WPGM is like no other – friendly, helpful and willing to share tips without any bitching or backstabbing or folks trying to sell you their latest “offer”.  This letter is not to promote WordPress Goldmine, although you can check it out here.

Rather, you can come and enjoy 2 of the best days of 2011 you are ever likely to experience.  More than half of the people who came last year are reporting growth each and every month, and they attribute their success to when they came to last years event.

So, if you want to come to this years event, here is what you need to do:

Make your payment using the link below.  The cost for 2 days of training will be £180 per person (equivalent to £90 per person per day).

This covers 2 days access to the event, 2 days tea, coffee and mineral water, 2 days lunch, 2 days of the best training you will ever experience.

When you consider that personal 1-on-1 training can cost £165 for a single day (£330 for 2 days) you should realize that this represents tremendous value for your money.

This payment covers 2 days of training.

(accommodation is extra, details of local accommodation, as well as prices for our hotel will be provided after payment).


Once you have made your payment, you will be redirected to a form where you must add your name and email address.  I will be using this service to provide updates and further information as we close in on the day.


Rest assured, we want you to be happy.  We understand that sometimes things happen which mean you cant attend.  That’s fine.  At the same time we are contractually obliged to meet certain numbers of attendees, so as a result we have to meet in the middle when it comes to dealing with refunds.

There is going to be a total cut off point for refunds on the last day of May. We will still take bookings right up to 2 weeks before the event, or if we fill up quicker (which will probably happen, it did last year).  After May, no refunds will be honoured simply because by then I will have signed with the hotel for a firm and secure booking and will be liable for a certain 4-figure sum.

In all cases though,a full refund of your payment of £180 (per person) will be honoured for 30 days from the date of booking with no worries, no risk or anything.  If within 30 days of booking you decide you’ve changed your mind just ask me for a refund. So essentially it’s a 30 day refund policy, unless your booking is from June 1st onwards, then I simply can not issue any refunds whether you attend or not.  The hotel need confirmed numbers which we have to adhere to, and I myself have to pay for (several thousand ££££’s).

Now, that’s all the sticky stuff out of the way, let’s get down to the fun stuff.

Order through one of the payment buttons below.

All prices are “per person”

OPTION 1: Pay the £180 in one go in full and final payment.  This option will continue to be available until a couple of weeks before the event.  Please note: a 30 day refund policy is in place from the date you order for your peace of mind (mentioned above). OPTION 2: Pay the £180 as £60 per month for 3 consecutive months via subscription which will automatically stop after 3 payments have been collected.  This option will cease around the end of March.  There is also the 30 day refund policy in place which covers you for a full 30 days from date of order in which to claim a refund and cancel.


Shaun Baird

Organizer, 2011 Uk Internet marketing meet up.

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