February affiliate earnings update 2017

TweetSo, most of you reading this will simply ask “how is it going”.. or “how much have you made”..  and of course because you want to do the same… That’s understandable.. Does that mean I’m a guru now? Nope.. and I don’t want to be.. I want to make my own money on my own… Read More »

How To Gain “Trust” From Google

TweetThis post has been written but with a small caveat.  I am still learning (and will do forever more). I have been reading up on how it is important to gain trust in the eyes of Google. If you are a spammer who registers a site for one year and does all manner of silly… Read More »

January Amazon affiliate earnings update 2017

TweetHi I wanted to provide another update.  For sure it’s only been 3 weeks since the last update, but there’s been a few things happening.. Excitement then disappointment.. then excitement! After traffic was on the up, I was getting excited then all of a sudden my pages all dipped onto page 10 (position 100+) and… Read More »

December Earnings Update – Starting To Work

TweetI have left it a while before making this post.  After all if I can get my rear into gear when will I ever make the dream come true. So, Ive focused entirely on the one main authority site I’m working on. Things are beginning to happen.. traffic is beginning to trickle in.. and YES!… Read More »

Adsense and amazon earnings update October 2016 and progress

TweetHiya, so as things stand, earnings are still.. “dire”…   anyone might think Id quit, but the truth is I am my own problem.  My constant being distracted has been a true downfall and I’m sure by now if I had focused heavily week after week month after month year after year id be earning high… Read More »

October 2016 Earnings Update And Realizations

TweetI’ve come to realize that I am atrocious when it comes to being focused.  My internet access is on a desktop pc in the same room as the TV.   Im basically going to start here by saying that my earnings have pretty much stayed the same -a few pennies here and there……  all this… Read More »

6 Core Components Firestarter Repurpose Package Review

TweetClone My Business: Get Unlimited Repurpose Rights to 6 Core Areas of Sean Mize’s Internet Business. . .   You Can Repurpose, Copy, Build Your Own Empire Fast. . . Sean Mize is a serial entrepreneur who has made his name online..  Here you can get full access to his traiings.. and claim them as… Read More »

How I am making money in 2016 and 2017

TweetHi there guys and gals…  so this blog is one of the dustiest on the shelves of my “I.M.” days…  4-5 years ago it was my main hub and for various reasons I drifted into other things and even started an offline gardening round which has since become my main earner by a huge shot.… Read More »

Earnings update final January 2016

TweetWell, might as well make myself fully accountable and list the earnings for this month… sure…Ive been doing a few teenmy things here and there for years, so Ill include what Ive got…   Adsense earnings £19 Ebay partner network earnings £30 Affiliate window earnings £8 Amazon earnings £10 (got a £68 payout this month… Read More »

Shaun Baird Loves Pink And Whites

Tweet Oh yes.  This tasty treat is something my mum feeds the kids each weekend when I pop up and play a visit.  It’s like a marshmallow centre between two wafers.  Oh and for the health conscious folks out there, it’s really good for the waistline too, as it’s like 50 calories per pink and… Read More »

Earnings Update January 2016

My online earnings update. This one is for January 2016 and marks the very start of my re-entry into online money making after a period out. let’s see how this journey proceeds!

What I’m going to be doing in 2016

TweetI’ve done allsorts all my life flitting from thing to thing.  The one thing I felt so alive with was internet marketing.  It was my thing, my crowd, my kind of people.  Then some Google updates happened and that crowd grew apart as their sites got affected.  I drifted off into a job, a spare… Read More »

2016 – fresh start

TweetHi guys n gals.  2016 – fresh start that’s the title of this post.   Ive held this blog dear for many years and tried all sorts.  One thing rings out in that “shiny object” syndrome has hit me numerous times.  I also let this blog slip for over a year, getting de-indexed…  well..  Ive… Read More »

Facebook And SEO Harmony

TweetFacebook and SEO Harmony   Hi, I have been online since before 2000 making money in one shape or another. Up to 2009, I knew absolutely nothing about search engine optimisation or affiliate marketing. I won’t lie to you, it took me a very long time before I even started to make any kind of… Read More »

How I’m making money in 2013 and 2014

TweetHi folks, well after Google shenanigans and algorithmic updates, I spent a number of months away from the Internet. Only during the last six months did I decide to return and picked myself up and re-focus once again. I want to know if any of the old techniques were still working, and whether or not… Read More »

The Best Business Ideas From Home

TweetFor 2012 and into 2013 and even beyond, finding business ideas from home that you can physically DO and get your teeth into can sometimes be easier said than done! For a lot of people who regularly surf the “interwebby thing” :), confusion will of course set in as you are quickly inundated with dozens… Read More »

Dont assume you are, if you aren’t !

TweetHaving been online trying business ideas, I thought that if my sites were automatically showing up in Google then the spiders from other search engines would trawl Google’s listings to fetch sites to their own listings – maybe I’m right or wrong, but one thing is I should have at least “checked” to see… shouldn’t… Read More »

Business Ideas For Beginners

TweetHi, Isn’t it time your business was a success?  Fed up of not being a super-success? In case you were wondering where I’d been and what I’ve been up to, I’ll spill the beans and provide an update and also to fill you in on my latest project called Business Ideas For Beginners. It’s a… Read More »