Well, might as well make myself fully accountable and list the earnings for this month… sure…Ive been doing a few teenmy things here and there for years, so Ill include what Ive got…


Adsense earnings £19

Ebay partner network earnings £30

Affiliate window earnings £8

Amazon earnings £10 (got a £68 payout this month from 2 months back of working)

I’ll also list other stuff but wont include in the figures as its not “i.m.”

Fiverr earnings (writing) £250 – I do writing.. just to pay bills but it’s not where my heart is!

IM earnings – £68 (woot!)



Aweber – £10

Hosting – £6

Total outgoings £16


Total profit = £52

Where I’m heading now..

Ive spent the past few weeks pushing harder adding content to a website of mine and keeping the associated facebook group members happy with content.  This is one of those “in it for the long haul” approaches.. and I for one need to adopt this strategy in my overall game plan…

I jump around far too much..  I have a gardening round and do a bit of lawn care.. and its GREAT money.. in the summer.. awful in the winter..

A number of friends of mine who I PERSONALLY know  are all doing well now because they stuck at stuff…   “Paul N”  has a number of products under his belts, membership sites etc and has now been “full time online” since 2013… we started out in a similar time frame together…  I got a job…

“Mike T” – now earning $50,000+ a MONTH!   kept on doing stuff online….

“Mark T” – a legend making crazy money living an amazing life..

“George” – a real gent, great friend  succeeding with a full time online income from a few methods.

“Keith” – another superb friend living the life and making money online…

I need to stick at stuff and do it..

I STILL have several ideas running round in my head.. Ive always been the same.. finger in a few pies at the same time..   I find it hard to choose one and run with it..

On my plate Im looking at:

building up my list(s)..  I feel strongly about this….

keep adding content to my site and trying to monetise the business better… – at the moment if I work for 2-3 hours I can usually achieve around £3 to £10 per day.. but it doesnt earn if I dont put in the work..  Its hard to be motivated for so little return so I need to increase the numbers…

possible avenues…

reviewing IM products…

work on my book writing business

risk free betting (already a member)

do another niche website…


I am starting an internship for a well known marketer making mega bucks, so feel the time working for him should open my eyes and doors..  I will have to write 20 indepth articles for free over the next 8 weeks… partly Id rather not as Id rather focus on my own stuff but the payoff will hopefully help me..

I’ll write another income report for February and any updates before then!


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shaun baird loves pink and whites

Oh yes.  This tasty treat is something my mum feeds the kids each weekend when I pop up and play a visit.  It’s like a marshmallow centre between two wafers.  Oh and for the health conscious folks out there, it’s really good for the waistline too, as it’s like 50 calories per pink and white.,

p.s. this is an seo test Im conducting

p.ss shaun baird loves pink and whites

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This is my first official earnings update and it’s going to start out starting from zero..  Actually there are earnings of around $200 per month which originate from something Ive been tinkering with on Facebook for the past year or so.  It’s a group I set up about 16 months ago where I find bargain goods online and link to them in the group so the “freebie hunters” and bargain hunters” can buy them at cheap prices and I enjoy an affiliate commission.

I really want to scale it up.  I’ve tried but with limited success so I’ll save that for another post some time.


So for January 2016 I am claiming an income of zero – a full and proper update on earnings will be for February 2016






Can’t beat a more neutral starting point… let’s see how this online journey goes and where it takes me.. :)

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I’ve done allsorts all my life flitting from thing to thing.  The one thing I felt so alive with was internet marketing.  It was my thing, my crowd, my kind of people.  Then some Google updates happened and that crowd grew apart as their sites got affected.  I drifted off into a job, a spare time gardening round too which became my full time income after 4 years (very successful by my standards) – apart form when it rains.. and snows.. it’s hard then….  regular income is needed… don’t want a job.. eurgh!!!!  Spent 42 years working for others now it’s time to man up and make this shit happen.

So sod the system, Im doing what I want to do.  Im going to make it happen.. passive-ish income.. internet..  the two combined…  and funnily enough helping people too..  so  somehow.. I’m going to help YOU make money online.

Time to make this crap work.

sound good?


Right now Ive NO idea how.. apart from a bit of an idea…  I’m thinking of following in the footsteps of an old friend who now makes $50,000 a month and doing what he does.. I felt that it would be stepping on his toes, but actually he is offering a course which Ive bought for others to copy him..  so there ya go.

Heck, I aint got no idea how or if.. but I AM going to give it my all.


So today a big fat zero in earnings…!     I need to think coz I do have a group on Facebook that makes  a bit of money for me.  I’ll ahve to think what and how.. so speak soon


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Hi guys n gals.  2016 – fresh start that’s the title of this post.


Ive held this blog dear for many years and tried all sorts.  One thing rings out in that “shiny object” syndrome has hit me numerous times.  I also let this blog slip for over a year, getting de-indexed…  well..  Ive re-registered it after seeing an old friend of mine and his post on Facebook about his online earnings.. a good friend… he carried on doing what he was doing and I flitted around…  well he now earns a VERY fat healthy mid 5-figure monthly income.. talking $30,000 to $60,000 a month.  It sounds nuts and many folks would shake their head in disgust that Ive even chose to believe this “trip”.. well. I know the guy and it’s true.. and Ive been kicking myself all evening for not sticking to stuff…

Back towards the end of 2011 it was August ish.. and Id posted an update of earnings in the region of $1100…  well.. right near the end of 2011 my marriage broke down and a whole heap of things changed for me…  fresh starts…  I joined a gym and lost around 5 stone in weight (almost 70 pounds..).. started dating and found someone new…


I think as I look back I got fed up that Google were doing updates that hit me in the earnings department and I kinda walked away from stuff…

So blank page.. thats me…  back here..  head is buzzing…  feeling very much “alive”.. first time in a long time Ive had this feeling…  and Ive missed it, as I had it when I did internet marketing 5-8 years ago…

what do I do?  this again?  follow my dear friend who is earning incredible money.. carve my own path ?

Thinking cap on…


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Facebook and SEO Harmony



I have been online since before 2000 making money in one shape or another. Up to 2009, I knew absolutely nothing about search engine optimisation or affiliate marketing.

I won’t lie to you, it took me a very long time before I even started to make any kind of money whatsoever.


When it started to come in, I was motivated and kept on pushing, although to be fair I wasn’t the most dedicated hard-working people out there. I spent more time buying shiny products and being easily distracted by other things, so you could say it was a very rough road from me.


Over the years, Google have made a number of updates to their algorithms which have all affected me and my websites. My income, confidence and ability all went out the window and I lost complete interest.

I became a full-time gardener.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually really enjoyed gardening. I had a full-time job and I gardened in the evening after work. I thoroughly enjoyed the extra money.  In fact I was able to match my jobs wages every single week just working part-time in the evenings doing gardening.

Still, inside I yearned for a passive income.

It’s a dream I have always wanted to chase.I’ve been chasing it most of my life. I have done various network marketing business opportunities, and a whole host of business opportunities online. There is something about the pull of a passive income that I cannot get away from.

I always get pulled back to the Internet.

Last year, I noticed how easy it was for my gardening business to attract new customers through Facebook.  There was nothing hard or difficult .and to be fair I thoroughly believed that that would be my future, and in some way it probably still will be as I enjoyed being outdoors and meeting people.

Still, there isn’t as much gardening to be done during winter.

This last year I began looking online to find people who were still making it. People who still made a full-time income using SEO.  I eventually found a website, niche pursuits, owned by Spencer Hawes. This reignited my interest and passion for all things Internet marketing.

Then, as if by magic, Mark Thompson released his reverse blogging system.  I have used both of these ideas and am now able to earn money once again.

My site is showing up on page 1 in Google for its main keyword phrase, and is also being found by around 300 other phrases at this particular moment.

Through the use of social media, Twitter and Facebook, I am generating more and more engagement and interaction with people who are interested in the topic of my website.

I no longer own multiple websites.  I only own the one niche website.although to be fair it is becoming an authority website now and I am loving it.

I still get frustrated when things don’t happen as quick or as often as I would like, but that is life and things are most definitely moving in the right direction.

I have produced a few hours worth of videos and a 5000 word report to show what I do.

I’ve called it Facebook And SEO Harmony.

For now you can purchase it for $17.  I will put the price up when I put it on Clickbank.

I’d love to know what you think, as it’s been a while since Ive produced a course/product.

If you order through the button below I will send you the download link.  It may not be an instant download, but I’m sure it will be worth it.

Keep pushing.




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Hi folks, well after Google shenanigans and algorithmic updates, I spent a number of months away from the Internet. Only during the last six months did I decide to return and picked myself up and re-focus once again.

I want to know if any of the old techniques were still working, and whether or not I could employ new techniques to my advantage and make money from. I’m glad that I did.

I want to share with you below what I am now doing and what it is doing for me.

I am still doing SEO, and it is still working very well for me. I am also including Facebook marketing and it is working very well for me. I am making money again and I am smiling.

If you are now ready to pick yourself up then today is as good as any other day.

Through self-discovery, I searched various places online to find people who were still making it and still making money online through SEO. I’m glad I kept looking. I found somewhere called http://nichepursuits.com owned and operated by Spencer Hawes. It is through finding this website that I rediscovered my inner passion.

Later I got an e-mail from Mark Thompson promoting his reverse blogging product, and it is the combination of these two which has led to my re-entry into the search engines and my money to start increasing once again.

Finally I am excited once more. I focus exclusively on one particular website now with all my heart and nothing else.

I have written a 5000 word report and compiled several videos which explains the process. Some of the videos relate to setting up a website and how to set that website up, and these are aimed at complete beginners, so my apologies to those of you who already know how to successfully create a website.

The remaining videos will lead you through the process of making money through low hanging fruit keywords and through advertising using Facebook as a platform.

You can read all about it here: http://shaunbaird.com/facebook-and-seo-harmony/

Thanks guys… don’t give up.

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Hi !  Are you looking for some truly excellent small business ideas to start?

Excellent Small Business Ideas

Where do you START??? All you want to do is get some success under your belt and it can be so frustrating!

So, there you have it…

You’re trying and trying and trying to start a business or get your existing business to work and it’s just NOT happening.  Your marketing sucks and you have just about given up!

You get frustrated, you get stressed and you eat some comfort junk-food.

All because you want to be a success in your own business.

Pretty crap isn’t it?

So I want to assist you and I want to get you off your butt and MOVING in the right direction.

Today YOU are going to take that “tiny teeny” small first step towards your own super duper business.

No matter where you are now or where you’ve been, change can happen and it is going to happen today for you.  Online or offline is irrelevant, let’s get you earning some cash with a starting time of right about now.

You just need to take that first small step, with my assistance of course.  It’s now that you will plan for success and get some additional income coming your way!  Marketing, and a good strategy is the first key step.

Here are some excellent small business ideas to get you bubbling and frothing with excitement.

Today you can start to feel alive again.

If you like what I’m showing below, then why not download my completely FREE business idea videos from http://businessideasforbeginners.org


 Idea #1:  Using Facebook marketing to bring in an ever growing business that gets bigger with time and can be monetized in a number of ways.

Set up a page or a group and discuss whatever niche or business or topic it is that you are interested in.  Keep adding content and find similar groups and pages.  Find those people who frequent those groups and then send them a private message asking them to come and check out your page.

Once there are plenty of people coming to the page or group and your content keeps getting added, you can occasionally mention related products in a soft-sell type approach and a number of those will go ahead and buy from you!  This is forward planning at it’s best :) and offers lots of opportunities from positioning relevant ads (etc) in front of a targeted audience.


Idea #2:  Use Yahoo answers to brand yourself and drive traffic to your website or businesses.

Completely free.  This is a superb business idea.  Join Yahoo answers and answer peoples questions within your field of interest.  You can leave a url in your resource section for answers.  Only leave a url 1 in 3 or 4 answers you answer.  Answer 20 a day until your points go over 1000.  At this stage the links become “active” links and will help drive traffic.  Ensure your answer gets chosen as the best answer as much as possible by creating great replies.  You can drive traffic to your product(s) or services nice and slowly.


There you have it.  Two excellent small business ideas you can start TODAY that are free to help better your financial circumstances.  If any of the above 2 suggestions are of interest then you really should get hold of my free business idea videos as I go into considerable depth to ensure you are able to do this.  You will begin seeing results within a few weeks.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this.  Planning what you want to do in your own business is one thing, setting it up and offering the right services or products is another.  One thing is for sure though – you’ve literally got to start and just get going with it all.  Learning how to market your business will come with my tips I post here on my blog :)




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For 2012 and into 2013 and even beyond, finding business ideas from home that you can physically DO and get your teeth into can sometimes be easier said than done!

For a lot of people who regularly surf the “interwebby thing” :), confusion will of course set in as you are quickly inundated with dozens of ideas and it becomes virtually impossible to focus on one simple idea at all.

business ideas from home



Ok, so now’s the time to relax and not worry about it too much as there IS a way :)  (phewww)….

Business Ideas From Home

Let’s begin by trying to figure out whether you want to do the “online” thingy or the “offline” thingy or a combination of both.. (if you can’t decide then you can always download my 100% free business ideas videos , just add your details to the form on that page to grab them – no catch, honest :))

If the online thingy is your cup of tea and you are really digging this then we at least know the general direction…..

Do you want a community (i.e. a forum of your own) where members come and discuss topics on various things all relating to business and business ideas and stuff like that??


free business ideasDo you want to be “under-the radar” like a super sleuth and create pages on websites with a link at the end that directs a visitor to a page where they can buy that item, and earning you a commission in the process – if so, then affiliate marketing is one way to go.

As you progress down your chosen route you’ll get a feel for what it is you ACTUALLY enjoy doing because right now you can really only make an educated guess.  However the key thing is getting started.. okdoke??

There are tons and tons of business ideas that work

That’s the good news because of the constant bombardment and the daily avalanche of emails and sales pages, it’s just so darned easy to get distracted and begin thinking about what you’re gonna be having for your meal later.

You just got to get started… AND… STICK WITH IT!!

As long as the idea is VIABLE and people are making that idea work then do not give up.

It’s ok having ideas and trying stuff but it is most certainly NOT ok to move on to the next, then the next then the next

You are wasting valuable hours of your life … hours you will never get back, so make them count.

best business ideas from homeSome of the best business ideas from home are those in which you are TRULY passionate about.

If electronics is your thing then why not create some model hobby kits and make them stand out form the rest.  This business idea is already extremely profitable for one female entrepreneur named Limor Fried who set up her electronic project kit business and now ships out over 200 units a DAY.

Not bad for an idea that’s been around for a long time.

If knitting is your thing then get all the best ideas together, document them, video them, take photos and write instructions.  get your spoken voice down as a series of instructions.


Package it all up in a number of ways.  Create a paid membership, or a paid product, or simply give all this incredible value away in exchange for getting customers names and email addresses and starting a list building business to whom you can build relationships with longer term.


I cover these topics and a whole lot more in my free video and tips emails.  Head on over to http://businessideasforbeginners.org and sign up for free – nothing to pay, i.e. nada, zilch, free! ok?

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Having been online trying business ideas, I thought that if my sites were automatically showing up in Google then the spiders from other search engines would trawl Google’s listings to fetch sites to their own listings – maybe I’m right or wrong, but one thing is I should have at least “checked” to see… shouldn’t I.. ?

I was just checking out a forum thread over at WordPress Goldmine (see my review of WPGM here) and some kind folks were talking how their sites had been decimated by the antics of Mr “G” but had been receiving considerable traffic from the friendly guys at Mr “B” – or should I say “Mrs” ???

Joking aside though, I’m happy I’ve checked mine.  One of the sites is indeed listed in both Bing and Google – It’s recently vanished to page “god knows where” in Google, but when checked,  ranks very nicely over in Bing, so that’s nice.

Kind of feels though like it’s nuts to just be at the mercy of one company, aka Google, and even “Bing” for that reason, hence the need to diversify traffic sources and income models.

Anyway, go ahead and type your web address at bing.com and see if it’s listed – if not, visit Bing webmaster tools, sign up and get those sites added!

You’ll need to verify your sites by either adding a CNAME entry to the DNS (never done this) or by adding a line of code to the header section (I simply used a wordpress plugin to achieve this called “bing site verification” – you can search for it via WordPress plugins, if you need to.  Its not got any ratings but it’s done the job perfectly for me though.

Anyway, Onwards and upwards as they say.

Still pushing on the listbuilding via my “Business Ideas For Beginners” website.


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